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WendaPhos®   Phosphates
Phosphates are basic functional food ingredients that are used in a wide range of food products. They are used for buffering, sequestering, as leavening agents, for mineral enrichment, and as anti-caking agents.
Phosphates are widely used in:
Meat, poultry, and seafood products
Bakery products
Processed cheese and dairy products
Potato products
Soups and sauces
Beverages, soda, and juice products

Wenda is a leading global supplier of high quality competitively priced food grade phophate products.
Our R&D team comprised of experienced technical experts will provide the best products for each of your specific applications. Our processing and blending facility in China uses Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to provide special grades of phosphates and phosphate blends. Our blending facility is GMA-SAFE® certified. Therefore, we will meet your specifications.
We guarantee the quality of each shipment of WendaPhos®. Our high quality standards are confirmed through our QA/QC program, our chemical analysis lab, our meat/seafood applications lab, our bakery applications lab, and our dairy/beverage applications lab.
We have local phosphate experts in each of the markets that we serve. We will reach out and listen to your specific needs, and then provide you with the right products and application recommendations. We deliver, because our warehouses are placed strategically throughout our supply chain and near our customers. We can guarantee both availability and just-in-time delivery.
Through our supply chain management and quality assurance programs, WendaPhos® phosphates have been approved and are beingpurchased by many of the best multi-national companies in the world.
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